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The seating and positioning market is pick one: growing, slowing, both, neither. Perhaps more than any other market in the durable medical equipment industry,
Baltimore Last month, CMS sent out a change-request transmittal to its contractors spelling out 20 new codes for wheelchair cushions and eliminating,
Washington Fraudulent DME suppliers should not be able to enter the Medicare business in the first place, and vague supplier standards are partly to blame.
Omron Healthcare/Electronic Nebulizer NE-U22V MicroAir features vibrating mesh technology designed to create a dense aerosol by moving medication through
Mudville never saw anything like this. In 110 towns across the country, cushioned synthetic-turf fields will soon allow children and adults with disabilities
Given the current and upcoming conditions of our industry, wouldn't it be nice to take an arbitrary business temperature to see if you're running a fever
Recently while discussing a problem a provider was having with a workload bottleneck, I was reminded of a scene in the movie Pearl Harbor. A nurse sits
While respiratory manufacturers and providers face many legislative and regulatory issues, none has had as much impact as the changes included in the
Washington The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has launched an aggressive three-pronged initiative focusing on power wheelchair coverage,
Baltimore CMS is reviewing its national coverage of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) requiring continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. Current
Minneapolis During an April 26 speech promoting innovation, President Bush set a goal that in 10 years every American should have an electronic medical
Big Boyz Industries/Bed Queen Pride 1000TC Convertible slide feature can transform bed width from 48 inches to 38 inches; overall width is 40.75 inches