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There is an old-timey, sure-'nuf country store just down the road from my house. It's a real delight, especially because I live in a crowded suburb not
Baltimore CMS is allowing at-home oxygen testing using a specific product, a development that could help clear logjams at the nation's Independent Diagnostic
Columbia, S.C. Following a mid-April advisory board meeting with DME industry representatives, the NSC said it will, in certain instances, give providers
Demo to Launch in October CMS will launch a two-year, three-state demonstration project Oct. 4 to clarify what defines a patient under Medicare's home
My phone has not stopped ringing these past few months. Friends have been asking me the same question in many different forms: How can my company operate
Given in recognition of distinguished service to the home medical equipment industry, HomeCare magazine's prestigious HomeCaring Awards honor those whose
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced its three-pronged initiative to address power wheelchair issues at the Senate Finance Committee's
All home medical equipment companies brag and sell themselves on providing quality services. But do they really meet their claims? Quality is often the
The seating and positioning market is pick one: growing, slowing, both, neither. Perhaps more than any other market in the durable medical equipment industry,
Baltimore Last month, CMS sent out a change-request transmittal to its contractors spelling out 20 new codes for wheelchair cushions and eliminating,
Washington Fraudulent DME suppliers should not be able to enter the Medicare business in the first place, and vague supplier standards are partly to blame.
Omron Healthcare/Electronic Nebulizer NE-U22V MicroAir features vibrating mesh technology designed to create a dense aerosol by moving medication through