Secure data sharing now possible across any network

DALLAS—Axxess, a global technology innovator for health care at home, launched a new product called Axxess Connect, a groundbreaking interoperability solution. This new product will revolutionize the way Axxess users connect and share data with health care providers and specialists, further enhancing care coordination, improving patient outcomes and driving the future by enabling new care models and value-based care.

"Axxess Connect is a new benchmark for interoperability in health care," says Tim Ingram, executive vice president of interoperability at Axxess. "By working with our partner Kno2 we can now connect our solutions to help accelerate the exchange of health information securely across any network. This means our clients will have easier access to a broader range of providers and specialists, making data sharing and referrals more efficient."

By being Kno2 Connected, Axxess Connect, enables the secure and maximized exchange of patient information across patients, providers, payers and HIT vendors. The solution meets data security and compliance requirements in accordance with HITRUST and HIPAA regulations for privacy, data sharing and health care communication standards supported by national and regional frameworks including Direct Trust, Carequality and most recently, TEFCA. This ensures that patient data is interoperable, secured and protected when shared across systems.

"Our collaboration with Kno2 not only improves the overall experience for our users, but it also reduces the administrative load on healthcare providers," Ingram said. "By minimizing time spent on administrative tasks, our clients can focus more on providing quality patient care."

“By seamlessly connecting Axxess users with health care providers and specialists, we are breaking down barriers and revolutionizing the way data is shared in every care setting," said Theresa Bell, co-founder, president and chief technology officer of Kno2. "Axxess Connect represents the power of the partnership and the value of being Kno2 Connected. Together, we are revolutionizing care delivery and thoughtfully solving health care’s biggest problems.”

Axxess Connect will first be available to Axxess Palliative Care clients before eventually being rolled out to the entire Axxess suite of solutions for home health, hospice and homecare.

To start using Axxess Connect, contact Axxess’ enterprise sales team via email at