Agencies invited to help develop best practices, new course to be offered
Texas state association TexMEP wrangles issues
Pediatric ventilator specialist RespMed on serving clients and rewriting reimbursement
Aging in Place
What does it take to stay home?
Pharmacy Choice
Ensuring Seniors Access to Local Pharmacies Act
community health
The promise and challenge of community-based care
Strategic Partnership
Collaboration solves patient problems
HIPAA Compliance
What to consider when conducting a risk assessment
Conducting a mock audit shows good intentions to payers and auditors
Ethical business practices
The tools for detecting problems before the bubble up
Safe Patient Handling
Increased awareness across the industry saves time and money
Stamp of accreditation
The benefits outweigh the costs involved
Made in the US
Home-grown products and services
Connected care
Hesitation hinders adoption
Navigating the breast pump insurance benefit
Managing the circumstances of returning to work or a NICU baby
How the home health case creates new opportunity for DME providers
Ask questions to get the best picture of what's happening in your organization