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wage and hour laws
What the 13-hour rule means and how to stay compliant
New technologies offer solutions for homecare problems
Read about 5 lessons learned from past disasters and how they can help you in this white paper.
Answers from a Medtrade 2018 panel
Regulatory movements, other initiatives help raise awareness
Examples of how private capital is making its presence known in the homecare market
More providers are experiencing a shift in health care revenue sources
Marketing plan
Improved compliance and better health are the goals
New models focus on person-centered care
Webinar: Technology-Enabled HomeCare in the 21st Century
Learn about the current status of these technology offerings and how to make them more accessible, functional and available to all.
Beware of common ownership and subcontract arrangements
Authentic Leadership
Looking to 2019 and beyond
Focus on client service, building relationships at the core of business growth
Electronic monitoring
Evolving technology is creating a new model of health care delivery
Homecare PERS devices
Response times to falls improve with the right technology