The new software hopes to be a game-changer for infusion care delivery.

DALLAS, Texas—InfuseFlow announced it will release its Magnolia (InfuseFlow v3.6) software which it hopes to be a game-changer for infusion care delivery with the introduction of its second-generation workflow engine. According to InfuseFlow, this platform supports rapidly deploying customized workflows, document types and care templates.

With its Magnolia release, InfuseFlow introduces a workflow engine that enables custom configurable workflow processes while supporting the inevitable one-off requirements that necessitate users to work in parallel.

One of the primary benefits of the Magnolia version involves intake and triage teams working seamlessly with care navigation teams to collect missing documentation so patients can be onboarded and scheduled without having to send emails or pick up the phone. Another key benefit is the introduction of structured checklists to ensure that an organization’s minimum requirements have been fulfilled before scheduling a patient. Additionally, the Magnolia version allows for custom and automated pre-infusion screens presented on the patient chart based on diagnosis codes or therapies.

All of this is now out-of-the-box capabilities with the Magnolia release of InfuseFlow.

“We are very excited about the opportunities that the Magnolia version of InfuseFlow offers to our customers and the infusion care industry as a whole," said Chad Zerangue, CEO and founder, InfuseFlow. "This software release is the first of several groundbreaking enhancements scheduled to be introduced this year.”

InfuseFlow has built its software with the idea that a system should support an organization’s workflows as opposed to forcing an organization to change its workflows “because the system works that way," read a statement from InfuseFlow.

The benefit of InfuseFlow’s workflow system is that organizations can substantially reduce response times on inbound referrals and order processing as well as measure throughput and efficiency within the organization, said InfuseFlow.