SAN DIEGO (October 22, 2019) ResMed introduced AirFit N30, a tube-down nasal cradle CPAP mask with a front-facing tub—a new option for sleep apnea treatment.

ResMed’s lightest mask yet, AirFit N30 features an adjustable elastic headgear, plus a nasal cradle cushion that sits under the nasal bridge, eliminating soreness in that area. The mask’s curved cushion is designed to provide a secure seal regardless of how the wearer sleeps or moves.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (August 28, 2018)—CorLife LLC, a provider of ancillary benefits and home modification services for workers’ compensation carriers nationwide, recently added a new company to their family of brands. CorCare is a home health care company that provides a wide variety of skilled services including all levels of nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, wound care, rehabilitation, translation, transportation and more.

Self-monitoring for CPAP patients increased adherence, ResMed study finds.

SAN DIEGO (November 21, 2017)—CHEST, the publication of the American College of Chest Physicians, has published a ResMed study that shows patient engagement apps significantly improve adherence to positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy.

The research included more than 128,000 patients, making it the world's largest study to look at sleep apnea and self-monitoring.

ATLANTA (September 29, 2016)—VariGrip Therapy is the only hand exerciser that has the ability to adjust the tension level in each individual finger, allowing the therapist to better track progress, and the end-user to improve dexterity, endurance, strength and circulation more effectively, minimizing the chance of straining weaker fingers and creating a smoother transition from one resistance level to the next.

GLENDALE, ARIZ. (MARCH 24, 2016)—Gary Cox, CEO of PMDRX is pleased to announce that PMDRX (Power Mobility Doctor Rx LLC) has launched their new electronic cloud based Therapist Functional Mobility and Seating Evaluation tool, for therapists and rehab specialists who perform those assessments for determining patient medical necessity for power and manual wheelchairs and related accessories and equipment.