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In addition to changing rates in non-bid locations, CMS plans to lower certain rates based on regional calculations, all under the guise of streamlining the bid program

There are some tools every salesperson must have, and those are the willingness to learn, to teach and to grow professionally.
As home medical equipment providers make their way to Orlando for Medtrade 2004, the venerable trade show's 25th annual conference and expo, visiting
BioMedical Life Systems/Electro-therapy System BioStim INF interferential device uses three pre-programmed sweeps: 1-10 Hz for edema reduction, 80-150

As a society, we are intrigued by design. We want things to look aesthetically pleasing and stylish. It shows in the vast array of interiors magazines
First opened in 1979, Medtrade 2004 will mark the trade show's 25th anniversary. We are excited to celebrate the show's longevity in the industry, says
SEPTEMBER 8-10Medical Equipment Suppliers Association (MESA)Fall Conference(Serving Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma)Dallas800/722-2310www.mesanet.org