ATLANTA (September 14, 2022)--Trella Health has announced the release of its Marketscape Insights for home medical equipment (HME) and home infusion providers.

The market insights will allow these organizations to improve their business strategies with enhanced market data through a streamlined and intuitive user experience. The upgraded insights allow increased filtering to identify and target the highest value revenue opportunities, along with the option to target specific physicians and organizations for a more strategic approach.

"Trella's enhanced market insights will allow HME and Infusion suppliers to gain the competitive advantage they need to identify new markets for growth and improve their business development strategies," stated Andy Powell, senior vice president of customer experience for Trella Health. "With Marketscape Insights, our customers are set up for success with the data they need to partner with the best referral sources for growth."

Marketscape Insights includes increased filtering capabilities to target specific code sets and specialties, as well as the ability to view charts and graphs for specific physicians, patient populations, utilization, and referral market share. HME and Infusion organizations will also be able to analyze and track competitive market share for each referral source and product line. Users can more strategically grow their business using the insights to identify new product and market expansion opportunities.

"The ability to pull the market insights we need, filtered by city, was a huge win for us," said Neidi Mack, vice president ancillary services for Prism Health Care Services, Inc. "With Marketscape Insights, we can filter by physician ranking within our market, then export the data so our team can prioritize their routes for the week. These targeted filtering capabilities within the Marketscape Insights platform allow our team to be more efficient and effective to achieve our business development goals."

The Trella team has been working closely with HME and infusion customers to understand their business needs to gain full visibility of their market and potential referral sources. The team will continue to collaborate with customers and innovate the Marketscape platform with upcoming releases that include additional data and direct navigation between the CRM and Marketscape Insights.