CHICAGO (March 12, 2018)—This spring, global manufacturer and distributer Sunset Healthcare Solutions will expand its respiratory offerings to include additional home medical equipment. Since 2004, the company has specialized in product solutions in the respiratory category, including CPAP and oxygen disposables.

“We’re proud to bring these new products to our loyal customer base,” said Melissa Allis, marketing coordinator at Sunset Healthcare Solutions.

Two portable TENS models for muscle rehabilitation and pain relief
Sunset will introduce two affordable models for administering transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy. TENS is a non-invasive, drug-free method of relieving pain through small electrical impulses that stimulate nerves in the patient’s treatment area.

The portable TEN100 model fits in the palm of the hand, features sleek blue casing and an intuitive interface to control electrotherapeutic velocity and strength. The device has two, simultaneously controllable output wires with four reusable gel pads. Users can select any of the unit’s 10 intensity levels and eight massage pulses to treat and soothe aching muscles. TEN100 operates on two AAA batteries.

The TEN200 is a completely wireless unit the size of a cell phone with a single control dial to easily manage device modes. The rechargeable battery is easily replenished with the included USB cable. TEN200 features 15 intensity levels and five massage pulses, as well as a 20-minute countdown timer.

A unique and affordable nebulizer for on-the-go respiratory care
Sunset’s new portable compressor nebulizer NEB200 offers much-needed features of affordability and convenience to respiratory care consumers. NEB200 is one of just a few handheld compressor models on the market with built-in filtration. The compressor unit is an alternative to pricier ultrasonic models, which are often sold as cash items. Unlike these models, NEB200 is compatible with nearly all medications.

NEB200 runs at a soft 60 decibels and operates on four AA batteries or an AC adapter. Its dual filter mechanism blocks small particles and an inlet enhances airflow. The custom ring enhances efficiency of the nebulization process. NEB200 replacement parts include a medication cup, power adapter, a mouthpiece and an elbow.

In April, Sunset will introduce MOB100, a deluxe knee scooter designed for comfort and mobility in lieu of crutches. The scooter will feature a basket for convenience.

“This is an exciting time at Sunset,” said P.J. Ruflin, director of sales. “While we are expanding, we still have the same great value and commitment to our customers that they've come to expect from us.”

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