(May 10, 2018)—From MAMES: “The Midwest Association for Medical Equipment & Supplies (MAMES) members converged on Des Moines, Iowa April 25-27 for the 2018 MAMES Spring Excellence in HME Convention and Exhibition with the highest attendance for a MAMES Spring Convention since 2011. And based on the attendee surveys they provided they were happy they came. For the second consecutive event MAMES attendees rated the event a perfect 4.0 rating. Couple that 4.0 rating with 100 percent of our vendors saying this is the best state or regional show they attend and you have a home run event,” said Rose Schafhauser, MAMES Executive Director.

MAMES presented several awards at their meeting, including presenting Rose Schafhauser with the Excellence in Leadership Award. “Rose’s leadership of this association since 1999 has been nothing short of exemplary,” said MAMES President Patirck Naeger. “On a daily basis she is providing visionary guidance that is dedicated to excellence with a devotion to our membership and undaunting leadership. We often ask who is MAMES and in large part I will tell you MAMES is Rose,” continued Naeger.

Provider of the Year Awards were presented to Frannie Green, Total Respiratory & Rehab, Nebraska and Patrick Naeger, Healthcare Equipment & Supplies. “These are two amazing and dedicated members of MAMES whose involvement on a daily basis is instrumental to our success as an organization. On behalf of all of our MAMES Members we congratulate Frannie and Patrick,” said Schafhauser.

MAMES represents Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. The 2018 MAMES Fall Excellence in HME Conference will be held October 3 through 5, 2018 at the Treasure IslandResort & Casino, Welch, Minnesota. Sponsor registration is now open.

From Connecticut: legislation in the state, SB 243, an Act Concerning Audits of Medical Assistance Providers, passed out of the House and is on its way to the desk of Governor Dannell Malloy. “This is great news for our members,” said Karyn Estrella, HOMES President and CEO. “In light of recent reimbursement cuts, our members desperately need this regulatory relief.”

According to Alan Deckman of TCORS (the lobbying firm of HOMES), "The bill will be assigned a Public Act number from the Secretary of State, then it will be transmitted to the Governor and he has 15 calendar days to sign the bill." 

SB 243 has an effective date of July 1, 2018.

From Maine: Effective June 13th, 2018, MaineCare will no longer be using a sole source vendor for the supply of incontinence products. MaineCare enrolled Medical Supplies and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers will be allowed to order incontinence supplies from the distributor/supplier of their choice. The current MaineCare reimbursement rates for incontinence supplies will not change and are based on invoice cost (excluding shipping) plus 40 percent, not to exceed the maximum amount allowed on the MaineCare fee schedule available on the Health PAS Online Portal.

"HOMES has been asking the Department to exit this arrangement for several years and while we are very pleased with this announcement, it has triggered some questions that we hope to get answers to soon," said HOMES president and CEO, Karyn Estrella. "This is a win for our members who are MaineCare providers, our associate members who supply these products but most importantly the MaineCare beneficiary who will have more options." HOMES will be working with the Department through the transition.

HOMES members should work with their provider representative on any questions regarding this change. If you have any questions that are not being resolved, please send them to Karyn Estrella.

Visit mames.com and homesne.org for more information.