NORTHAMPTON, Penn (October 15, 2019)—The Live Active Five portable oxygen concentrator (POC) from Precision Medical is now available from your durable medical equipment (DME) provider. The Live Active Five is designed to help people with respiratory diseases such as COPD gain greater freedom so they can live actively with oxygen therapy.

Precision Medical utilizes Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) technology, ensuring each sieve bed is perfectly regenerated every cycle. The Live Active Five weighs five pounds and delivers up to 95.5% oxygen purity. With more than six hours of duration with each battery, the Live Active Five has been engineered to help users go anywhere. With its ergonomic design, the dual-curved Live Active Five can be worn on either side or across the body, giving users hands-free comfort. The five pulse flow settings and intuitive display screen makes the Live Active Five an easy POC to use with just the touch of a button. Giving users added peace of mind, the Live Active Five’s bright LCD screen and large numbers precisely display remaining battery duration in both percentage as well as hours and minutes. The Live Active Five is simple to operate and comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery, AC wall charger and DC car charger, comfortable carry bag, and a three-year device warranty.

Mike Krupa, CEO of Precision Medical, said “We’ve engineered the Live Active Five with a sieve bed assembly that is field-replaceable using a standard screwdriver, avoiding the need to return the device to a service center or back to the manufacturer, which in turn reduces the cost of ownership for our DME partners. Our team also tested many battery designs to understand what’s easiest for users. Based on feedback and testing, we designed a top loading battery that is changed in seconds to a newly charged battery. And we’re still the only POC manufacturer utilizing VPSA technology. This fundamental technology benefits our oxygen users by delivering the highest oxygen purity possible from a POC.”

The all new Live Active Five represents a major investment in high-quality innovative products from Precision Medical. Since 1982, Precision Medical has been a leader in respiratory care devices and the company continues to manufacture hospital, homecare and medical fittings products in the United States.

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