GLENDALE, ARIZ. (MARCH 24, 2016)—Gary Cox, CEO of PMDRX is pleased to announce that PMDRX (Power Mobility Doctor Rx LLC) has launched their new electronic cloud based Therapist Functional Mobility and Seating Evaluation tool, for therapists and rehab specialists who perform those assessments for determining patient medical necessity for power and manual wheelchairs and related accessories and equipment.

This new tool was designed by a physical therapist who specializes in functional mobility and seating evaluations, and gives therapists the ability to systematically assess all parameters of clinical assessment for determining specific patient seating and mobility needs. Upon completion of the evaluation, the therapist will have the ability to auto-format the completed exam into a CMS compliant comprehensive report of the assessment and will be able to electronically authenticate and sign the final documentation with their password protected electronic signature. An e-signature protocol document will also be generated along with the completed assessment for CMS compliance purposes.

During the process of assessment, this new tool also gives therapists the ability to identify other ancillary durable medical equipment that can be recommended to the prescribing practitioner to improve patient outcomes.

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