DENVER (June 15, 2016)—Philips Respironics, a division of Royal Philips, participated in this year's SLEEP 2016 event (June 11–15), highlighting its vision for the future of innovation in sleep. As part of the 30th anniversary meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS), Philips showcased several of its cutting-edge solutions in connected sleep and respiratory care as well as reinforced its commitment to providing innovations designed to enhance sleep. As part of an ongoing collaboration, Philips invited Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post and author of The Sleep Revolution, to serve as a special guest speaker and share her passion for healthy sleep at the Philips salon dinner during SLEEP 2016.

For the past 40 years, Philips has been leading research and innovating solutions to bring sound sleep even to those with serious sleep disorders like sleep apnea. This year's SLEEP meeting comes at a critical time, as not only has the number of patients seeking medical care for sleep disorders increased by 266 percent over the last ten years, but the world is waking up to the challenge of healthy sleep, its impact on overall health and the need for a good night’s rest. As a greater population of people aims to improve their sleep, behavior change will be a large challenge that Philips is primed to address.

"For more than four decades, we've been developing revolutionary diagnostic treatment and monitoring solutions to meet the needs of sleep physicians and real people with sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening condition," said John Frank, CEO, Sleep and Respiratory Care, Philips. "This journey brought us insights, experience and passion to broaden our approach because we see opportunities to improve sleep broadly beyond treating sleep apnea. We understand sleep as the third pillar of health next to nutrition and exercise, and now we are looking to the future for all people who need help with improving their sleep quality. Our goal is to make good sleep possible for everyone."

As a leader in the sleep community, Philips has demonstrated success in supporting over 7 million patients through its EncoreAnywhere platform, the world's most widely used compliance management system. Building on the company's longstanding leadership, Philips is looking to help the world wake up to better sleep by providing next-generation software applications and informatics that enable its customers to better manage patients and improve lives. During the annual SLEEP event, Philips presented innovations that will help people to get a good night's rest, including the DreamStation PAP device, Philips' masks such as DreamWear and AmaraView and supporting patient management programs. In a dedicated area at the show (booth 213), Philips showcased its vision for healthy sleep and its impact on healthy living. The company's evolving product lines have been created to better address the needs of sleep apnea patients by incorporating patient feedback to provide solutions that continue to offer a better patient experience and encourage long-term therapy. 

To further demonstrate Philips' commitment to educate and engage patients and consumers, Arianna Huffington spoke at an invitation-only salon dinner during SLEEP 2016. Most recently, Philips joined Arianna Huffington and The Huffington Post for a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of sleep deprivation and support improved sleep habits globally. During the salon dinner, Arianna Huffington offered a sweeping exploration of sleep, from its rich history to the latest science with an emphasis on how it can transform our lives.

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