Company will demonstrate impacts of its smart lamp’s AI capabilities at ITU’s AI For Good Global Summit 2024

HOUSTON—Nobi, a provider of innovative AgeTech solutions, will join global leaders and innovators in artificial intelligence (AI) along with the humanitarian community at ITU’s AI for Good Global Summit 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland, May 30-31, to showcase how its Smart Lamp is revolutionizing elder care around the world.

The goal of AI for Good is to identify practical applications of AI to advance the United Nations (U.N.) Sustainable Development Goals and scale those solutions for global impact. It’s the action-oriented, global and inclusive U.N. platform on AI. AI for Good is organized by The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in partnership with 40 U.N. sister agencies. Nobi’s AI-powered lamp will be among an impressive array of more than 80 demonstrations that exemplify the vast potential of AI scheduled to take place during the Summit.

Nobi caught the attention of Summit organizers with a runner-up finish in the AI for Good Innovation Factory’s start-up competition. Organizers asked Nobi to participate in the Summit because they believe Nobi is an inspiring example of how AI can make a tremendous impact on society and help advance the U.N’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“It is quite an honor for Nobi to participate in the AI for Good Summit this year where we will be among key policy makers and experts from around the world, discussing the possibilities of AI when it comes to solving the world’s biggest societal challenges,” said Roeland Pelgrims, co-founder and CEO at Nobi. “The Nobi lamp offers a solution to a global problem: caring for our aging populations. The positive impacts from our Smart Lamp installations are far-reaching and specifically help address three key policy areas defined within the U.N.’s goals: social care, health and technology innovation.”

A notable focus at the Summit will be demonstrations within health care, where AI can revolutionize different aspects of patient care and well-being, making it more personalized, efficient and accessible. Around a third of people aged 65 and over, and around half of all people aged 80 and over, fall at least once a year. Offering help as quickly as possible is crucial and can be a lifesaver.

Nobi believes that everyone has the right to an independent, dignified and happy life in old age—at home, in the hospital, or in an assisted-living facility. Fall detection and fall prevention is the core of Nobi’s AI-powered Smart Lamp—watching over the safety of older adults and supporting caregivers in residential care homes or hospitals. Nobi lamps help care workers provide more targeted care and relieve them of impersonal, repetitive tasks. This gives them more time for warm, personal contact with residents and patients.

Attending press, politicians and commissioners are invited to meet with:

  • Sue Capstick, program lead at NHS’ Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB). She is a remarkable social-care figure in the UK, promoting the benefits of using technology in order to improve care. She can speak to the inspiring 2023 NHS pilot study at Hartland House, a 31-bedroom care home in the UK, which proved AI's potential. Using Nobi's Smart Lamps to prevent falls, Hartland House achieved an 84-percent reduction in falls. Hartland House’s story isn't just about stats; it's about empowering its care team and elevating care standards and has inspired an initiative to roll out Nobi Smart Lamps in 500 additional care home units by the NHS L&SC ICB.
  • Vera Led, head of DACH at Nobi. She can discuss and explain how Nobi's AI lamps will be able to support the UK government’s ability to potentially save more than £410 million in fall-related care costs every year—in addition to providing a viable remedy to the mounting pressures faced by care staff throughout the country.  

“The UK’s support is an inspiration of how government partnerships can accelerate technology integration,” said Led. “Governmental support can have a big impact on much-needed implementations of AI in the healthcare sector. By participating in the AI for Good Summit, we hope to encourage other countries to discover how AI can make a difference in how their older populations can age with dignity.”  

Stop by Nobi’s Booth 1. 10 (first floor) during the AI for Good Summit or visit to schedule a meeting or to get more information.