ATLANTA (September 8, 2016)—Provider Web Capital continues to bring solutions to meet the needs of health care small business owners. In August, the company highlighted their patent-pending Remit ATM solution. This product allows medical business owners to get paid immediately when they receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) notice from a payer.

In today’s health care environment, even when a government or insurance payer such as Medicare or Medicaid sends the EOB form to a medical provider, it still takes another one to three business days before the money hits their bank accounts. This last-mile delay is after the two to six weeks it typically takes for that payer to process the claim. Health care business owners will no longer have to wait those last few days for payment. With Remit ATM they can receive a wire of their funds the same day they receive the EOB notice.

Jack Daly, chief revenue officer of Provider Web Capital, said, “We are excited to continue solving payment problems for our customer base. Medical small business owners all face the challenge of paying expenses today while waiting weeks or months for reimbursement from third-party payers. Remit ATM helps to cut that gap and give the business owner more control over their cash flows.”

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