WATERLOO, Iowa (May 21, 2018)—The Durable Medical Equipment Repair and Training (DMERT) Group has been launched as a new certification body for the durable medical equipment (DME) and complex rehab technology (CRT) industry. 

The DMERT Group is a non-profit organization intended to establish standardized training guidelines and provide proper certification for repair technicians. The organization’s training is separated into three levels, each covering the different types of equipment, and will be used to prove technicians’ understanding of the industry and equipment they repair.

“We’re excited to announce the addition of the DMERT Group as a resource to ensure quality standards which will further strengthen the credibility of repair technicians—who are intelligent, focused and repair-minded individuals,” said Greg Packer, president of U.S. Rehab, a division of VGM Group, Inc., and a member of DMERT’s Executive Oversight Board. “This organization has a firm foundation and is advancing the certification for repair technicians that work in the DME and CRT arena.” 

U.S. Rehab, VGM Education and FIOS DME Repair Training collaborated to develop online technician training courses that are DMERT Group-certified. The online courses are designed to help prepare techs to take the DMERT challenge exams to earn certification. Each of the three entities have more than 20 years of experience developing DME and CRT education programs and saw the need for more consistent and comprehensive online technician training.    

“Our collaborative efforts will ensure that consistent and effective training are available to technicians throughout the nation,” said Matthew Macpherson, ATP, FIOS DME Repair Training director and chairman of DMERT’s Executive Oversight Board. “Each training level includes online courses for prospective and current technicians, and content covers basic medical equipment to Group 3 power chairs.”  

Part of DMERT’s certification involves written exams as well as a hands-on competency exam—which test the technicians’ execution and how their performance adheres to a quality standard and acceptable timeframe.   

“With the establishment of the DMERT Group and its certification process, we are making our industry a better place to work and improving the well-being of our customers,” stated Packer. “The two-pronged approach will help ensure the credibility and competence of the CRT industry at the level needed to protect its integrity.”  

Guided by an executive oversight board made up of industry stakeholders, DMERT Group’s plan is to utilize collaboration of technicians, vendors, manufacturers and other thought leaders to set the benchmark for DME and CRT training standards.  

For more information about the DMERT Group, including a list of DMERT certified courses available, visit dmertgroup.com.