NAHC, NHPCO are the two largest organizations representing & advocating for providers of care in the home

WASHINGTON & ALEXANDRIA, Virginia—On June 10, the Board Chairs and chief executive officers of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) met in Washington, D.C. to formally sign the affiliation agreement between the two leading organizations in the care at home community.

NAHC and NHPCO are the two largest organizations representing and advocating for providers of care in the home and the millions of disabled, elderly and dying Americans who depend on that care. With more than 90 years of experience between them, NAHC and NHPCO provide world class education to help their members deliver the best possible care and tireless advocacy to expand access to home and community-based services.

“The NAHC-NHPCO Alliance will be the leading authority and unifying voice of the care at home community,” said NAHC Board Chair and Chair-Elect of the Alliance Kenneth Albert. “The leadership of both organizations have worked for 18 months to make this happen and the talented staff at NAHC and NHPCO are already hard at work integrating the two organizations. Together, we will make home the center of health care.”

“This alliance between NHPCO and NAHC will create the most powerful voice the care at home community has ever had,” said NHPCO Board Chair and Vice Chair-Elect of the Alliance Melinda Gruber. “For members, it means access to the best education and expert advice, as well as a strong advocate for sensible policies that help providers deliver the best possible care to the millions of Americans who need it the most.”

“The affiliation of NAHC and NHPCO is a historic event,” said NAHC President and CEO William A. Dombi. “Unifying the voice of health care at home has been a longstanding goal of NAHC, as it is the essence of the original formation of NAHC in 1982. Combining our two organizations will significantly strengthen that voice for the benefit of our members and the patients they serve.”

“The community of providers delivering care primarily in people’s homes is stronger when we work together,” said NHPCO Interim CEO, Ben Marcantonio. “We have demonstrated that strength in recent years with shared advocacy efforts and joint research that have helped change the conversation in Washington and beyond. Aligning NHPCO and NAHC into one new organization will mean we can better serve our members well into the future.”

The signing of the agreement takes NAHC and NHPCO into a new phase of an ongoing process. Beginning July 1, the organizations will begin integrating operations, a process that is expected to take the rest of the year.  That process will take place under the name the NAHC-NHPCO Alliance while the future name of the organization is determined. Considerable progress on a new name has been made and is in process of trademarking approvals. Meanwhile, a robust search for a CEO for the new organization is underway, with dozens of qualified candidates being considered.