Attendees voted on their favorite products at the show.

ATLANTA (October 25, 2017)—Medtrade attendees voted on their favorites and the votes have been tabulated. The New Product Pavilion Providers’ Choice Awards (sponsored by HomeCare Magazine). “Votes from New Product Pavilion attendees are collected and tabulated to get a true sense of what providers are looking for in a new product,” says Sarah Varner, marketing director, Medtrade.

Providers’ Choice Gold Award
Owlet Smart Sock 2 with Connected Care from Owlet Baby Care
Smart Sock 2 uses pulse oximetry to track babies’ heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep, designed to notify caregivers if the levels fall outside of preset zones. Connected Care is a new app that allows parents/caregivers to analyze more detailed information.

Providers’ Choice Silver Award
Stability Gliders from Stabilized Steps
Patented Stability Gliders attach to the bottom of medical walkers allowing them to be stable on various terrains such as sand, gravel, grass, mud, snow, and indoors, increasing steadiness in everyday use.

Providers’ Choice Bronze Award
CAIREview powered by SynsorMed
CAIREview powered by SynsorMed is a new telehealth solution app from CAIRE Inc. It allows medical equipment providers to track the location of their assets, trouble shoot alarm codes, monitor oxygen flow rates, and avoid costly after-hours visits.

—Greg Thompson