Baltimore’s Paula Sotir successfully advocates for regulated oversight to enhance the quality of care for seniors

TROY, Michigan—CarePatrol, a senior care solutions organization, recently announced a significant victory for the senior care industry as Maryland franchisee Paula Sotir worked with other senior referral companies, assisted living communities and clients that have placed loved ones to champion improved regulations for senior-care referral companies. Sotir, a franchisee of CarePatrol of Baltimore, has been a pivotal advocate for ensuring safer and more reliable senior care services.

Over the past three years, Sotir has worked with Maryland Senator Shelly Hettleman and other placement companies to push for stricter oversight and higher standards in the senior care industry. Their efforts culminated with the signing of Senate Bill 952 into law, a landmark piece of legislation designed to enhance the quality and accountability of senior-care referral companies.

“Ensuring that our seniors receive the best possible care is not just a professional obligation, but a personal mission. The work to pass this bill is a major step toward protecting our most vulnerable citizens,” said Sotir. “I am proud to be part of this significant change that will help elevate the standards of senior care across Maryland and aim to keep fighting for this initiative to spark positive change across the nation at large.”

Senate Bill 952 introduces stringent requirements for senior-care referral companies, including: mandating comprehensive criminal background checks for all personnel, requiring business insurance, conducting regular audits of care standards and using transparent payment practices. These measures aim to eliminate the previously unchecked practices that have infiltrated the industry and to ensure a greater level of trust and safety for seniors and their families.

“This new legislation is a testament to the hard work and dedication of Paula Sotir and other referral companies, assisted living communities, clients and the entire CarePatrol organization,” said CarePatrol Brand President Becky Bongiovanni. “At CarePatrol, we are committed to ensuring that every senior is placed in a safe and nurturing environment. Senate Bill 952 sets a precedent for other states to follow, and we are honored to have been a part of this critical advocacy. Congratulations Paula and others for your dedication.”

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