Tampa-Area health care company announces the sale of three properties in accordance with its strategic plan to reinvest into programs, patients & colleagues. 

TAMPA, Florida—Empath Health, a health care organization dedicated to providing care to individuals facing serious illness and grief, announced a decision to sell multiple properties as part of a broader initiative to reinvest in the community, enhance programming and support colleagues.

After careful consideration and strategic planning, Empath Health has initiated the process of selling select properties in Clearwater, Englewood and Longboat Key. The company said this decision aligns with its commitment to evolving its services to better meet the needs of the community, optimize resources and ensure sustainability in the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

"We are excited to announce this strategic decision to sell these campuses," said Jonathan Fleece, president/CEO of Empath Health. "This move represents a pivotal moment in Empath Health's journey as we continue to innovate and adapt to best serve our community. By divesting certain properties, we are strategically reallocating resources to focus on our core mission of providing exceptional care and support to individuals facing serious illness and grief."

The proceeds from the property sales will be reinvested in three key areas:

  • Community Support: Reinvesting in community-based programs and initiatives will enable Empath to broaden its reach and impact, ensuring that individuals and families receive the support they require during challenging times.
  • Enhanced Programming: By reinvesting in programming, Empath will bolster its capacity to deliver innovative care solutions, improve patient outcomes and foster a culture of excellence within the organization.
  • Colleague Development: Reinvesting in colleague development initiatives, such as salaries, training, education and wellness programs, will empower employees to excel in their roles, foster professional growth and enhance overall job satisfaction.

"While our properties in these areas are being sold, Empath Health’s presence in those communities is not wavering,” said Fleece. "We remain deeply committed to our mission in each of these areas and look forward to continuing our journey of compassionate care and service excellence."

Empath Health remains fully committed to maintaining continuity of care throughout this transition process. Empath Health said patients, families and community partners will continue to have the the same level of care and support that they have come to expect.