Medicare Premium to Rise Modestly for Most Beneficiaries
Medicare has announced the "Part B" premium for 2017, and for most beneficiaries it's a modest increase. (Associated Press)

Bayada Offers Customized Uber Rides to Jobseekers
With the competition for home health workers fierce, companies are always trying to get an edge in hiring. Moorestown, New Jersey-based Bayada Home Health Care, one of the 10 largest providers in the nation, is hoping to gain such an edge through a new pilot utilizing the popular ride-hailing application Uber. (Tim Mullaney/Home Health Care News)

More “Elder Orphans” Without Family Nearby Needing Help
Nearly a quarter of Americans older than 65 are—or are at risk of becoming—what some experts call “elder orphans.” They are people who are getting older without a spouse, partner or adult children—or at least any who live nearby. (Encarnacion Pyle/Columbus Dispatch)

The Snail-Smashing, Fish-Spearing, Eye-Popping Mantis Shrimp
Scientists are finding that one of those abilities—incredible eyesight—has potential life-saving implications for people with cancer. (Elliott Kennerson and Carrie Boyle/KQED)

A Consumer’s Guide To Medicare’s New Rules On Doctor Pay
The federal government has issued final regulations that reform the way Medicare pays doctors. If the new rules achieve their intended goal, all Americans—and not just Medicare enrollees—could see improvements in the quality of their care. (Steven Findlay/Kaiser Health News)