Medicare Proposes Expansion of Counseling Program for People at Risk of Diabetes
As the health law turned six Wednesday, federal officials proposed the expansion of a Medicare diabetes prevention program funded by the landmark measure. (Mary Agnes Carey/Kaiser Health News)

How One Provider Translated Data In Better Staffing Policy
Faced with mounting wage costs and the threat of high turnover, one home care provider is using feedback from monthly surveys to address some of the industry’s biggest pressures. (Amy Baxter/Home Health Care News)

Intensive Exercise May Keep the Aging Mind Sharp
Older Americans who engage in strenuous exercise are more mentally nimble, have better memory function and process information more speedily than do their more sedentary peers, new research suggests. (Melissa Healy/Los Angeles Times)

Navigating Medicaid for Elder Care Can Be as Painful as the Ailments
You have to be very impoverished or very sick to qualify for Medicaid late in life. No wonder people put off thinking about it. (Jayne O’Donnell and Laura Ungar/USA Today)

New Living Arrangements for Dementia Patients
According to caregivers at Memory Care of Westover Hills, there is a night-and-day difference between the new facility and memory-care units of the past. (Michael Sandler/Modern Healthcare)