Texas Ready to Take on New Telemedicine Rules
In what could be the end of a years-long battle, a bill presented this week would enable Texas physicians to use telemedicine more freely, including in treating new patients, if the standard of care is the same as an in-person visit. (mHealth Intelligence)

“Really Sick and Really Scared” Voters Temper Action on Health Law
While much of the focus has been on the potential for hard-line conservatives to act as spoilers with their opposition to anything but a bare-bones replacement, there is increased wariness among Republican senators who have the opposite concerns. (Jennifer Steinhauer/New York Times)

HHS Secretary Tom Price says, “We believe in the guarantee of Medicare for our seniors.”
As President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans debate the future of Medicare, Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Tom Price said Sunday that Republicans “believe in the guarantee of Medicare for our seniors.” (Emily Schultheis/CBS News)

Cancer Rates Dropped During The Recession. That’s Not Necessarily A Good Thing.
As the country plunged into recession between 2008 and 2012, something unexpected happened: An earlier small decline in the number of new cancer cases became a much bigger one. (Jocelyn Wiener/Kaiser Health News)

GOP Health Care Bill Compared with Obama-Era Law
At first glance, the new health care bill from House Republicans appears to have similarities to the Obama-era law, like tax credits, protections for people with health problems, and the ability of parents to keep young adults on their insurance. (Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar/Washington Post)