AAHomeCare said continued grassroots advocacy support needed to advance relief provision

WASHINGTON—On Sunday, congressional leaders announced an agreement for a narrow health care package as part of appropriations legislation. The package does not include provisions to extend 75/25 Medicare blended rates for durable medical equipment (DME) in nonrural areas. These measures are part of appropriations language set for consideration by March 8.

"While this latest development is certainly disappointing, our lobbying team remains fully engaged in working with our champions to identify other options to advance 75/25 provisions in other legislative vehicles, including another government funding package that must pass before March 22," said a statement from the American Association for HomeCare (AAHomeCare). "Your grassroots advocacy plays a critical role in underpinning these efforts. Please continue to ask your legislators to extend the 75/25 Medicare blended rates for DME in nonrural areas through 2024. You can find updated messaging and guidance for making the case for the 75/25 extension here."

"Our team is buoyed by the strong outreach to Capitol Hill from the DME community over the last few weeks that followed on your extensive advocacy throughout 2023," the statement continued. "We are not backing down on our efforts to extend this relief as soon as possible and also remain committed to engaging policymakers on the need for reimbursement rates that reflect market reality across the full spectrum of payers. Thank you for your determined advocacy. We will keep you posted on continuing developments on this important relief."