CHARLOTTE, N.C. (October 3 2017)—Retailers can increase Q4 foot traffic at their locations with FSA/HSA spenders and Contour Products’ CPAP accessory line. Contour’s full line of CPAP accessory products is now approved for health benefit spending.

Millions of Americans are using these employer accounts to pay for their health needs, and Contour not only wants consumers to be able to use these benefits for comfort, but also make paying for our products easier.

“If FSA/HSA customers have extra benefits towards the end of the year, our products are a great idea to make great use of those funds,” said Contour Products CPAP Product Manager Melanie Lubresky. “Contour has joined non-profit membership corporation SIGIS to manage this process, achieving the goal of providing in-demand products in an easy and affordable way.”

The approved products include, CPAP Pillow, CPAPMax Pillow, CPAP Hose Cover and CPAP Mask Cleaners & Wipes.

Our popular CPAP product line accommodates all mask brands and helps customers sleep more comfortably throughout the night. Retail stores often have limited shelf space and Contour offers retail boxes that can be displayed vertical or horizontal to accommodate specific space needs. Our CPAP packaging is eye-catching and informative, allowing potential customers to make a buying decision quickly and easily.

For more detailed information on SIGIS and eligibility information please visit their website:

Visit for more information.