BILLINGS, Mont. (April 22, 2016)—In the digital world, there’s less paper and more efficiency. Time is saved when your workflow is simplified and customized to your liking. TIMS A/R Collections Worklist by Computers Unlimited allows you to create a variety of custom-defined, real-time, interactive worklists to work A/R, denials and timely filing.

Configure the worklist according to your preferences and needs. Worklist rules are flexible, allowing you to recreate your current collection reports as worklists. Unlike working from a report, the worklist will pull real-time A/R, claim and denial information.

You can also research the A/R from one application. You now have visibility to all the information you need to take action on a patient’s account and the EOB. Gain access to the patient’s open and historic A/R, full history of a line’s A/R transactions, worked history and claim tracking information. All of the actions, navigations and line details are available at the account level.

The A/R Collections Worklist incorporates multiple features within one application to give users a fully integrated experience to complete workflow effectively.

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