BOSTON (August 5, 2020)—CareAcademy, a home health empowerment platform preparing workers for the growing eldercare market and homecare model, announced the launch of its ‘Future of Work is Home Care’ program to reskill millennial workers for the growing homecare market. As part of its commitment to reskilling one million new workers into direct care by 2023, CareAcademy’s home health aide training and agency matching program will enable thousands of individuals to enroll in a specialized, four-hour online reskilling program for direct care workers, the fastest-growing work in the United States, putting them on track to become in-home caregivers, or homecare workers.

Health care is faced with meeting the needs of a rapidly aging baby boomer population and a nationwide caregiver shortage, both of which are presenting unprecedented industry wide demand for direct care workers. With unemployment at its highest since the Great Depression, the job market is ripe for reskilling opportunities that can help get people back to work, while addressing growing homecare needs. CareAcademy’s ‘Future of Work is Home Care’ program enrolls individuals in classes that, once completed, can be used as stackable credentials after they are matched with an agency partner to complete the requirements needed for home care roles.

“A few weeks ago, CareAcademy announced we would be the company that launches the careers of one million new direct care workers by 2023,” said Helen Adeosun, co-founder and CEO, CareAcademy. “Home care is not only the fastest-growing segment of work, but it is also among the most vital health care work. COVID-19 has grown the need and the possibilities of health care in the home. In this time of high unemployment for Americans, we’re excited to work with industry partners to restore livelihoods and save lives.”

As part of this program, CareAcademy has collaborated with the Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) – the industry’s leading trade association, currently representing nearly 3,000 companies that employ more than 500,000 caregivers across the United States, with the goal of matching learners with agencies. To become a home health aide (HHA) and be fully reskilled to work in the Home Care industry, agency's will be provided with an exclusive opportunity to leverage CareAcademy's blended (online and instructor-led) HHA Certification program. CareAcademy’s partnership with HCAOA is a first-of-its-kind innovation to directly connect homecare employers to caregiver candidates. To know more about how homecare agencies can help empower the next generation of workers, click here.

Additionally, the company has partnered with Kairos, a U.S.-based private company that builds products in the housing and health care sectors, to match candidates with potential job opportunities after they’ve completed their training. After taking up to four hours of training, candidates have the opportunity to take more classes that can count toward Home Health Aide qualification depending on the state licensure requirements via CareAcademy’s partner agencies. CareAcademy’s partnerships with Kairos and such companies are a first step in not only adding more direct care workers but also ensuring direct care workers can meet the needs of the moment. Best of Care, Inc. is also among the partner agencies helping to fulfill the remaining training requirements for eligible candidates and getting them to work with clients.

“The power of homecare and homecare work at this moment is unparalleled,” said Kevin Smith, CEO of Best of Care, Inc. and the President of Massachusetts Home Care Aide Council. “Since the onset of COVID-19, Best of Care has seen an increase in the demand for homecare. Best of Care has a 44-year history of being an employer of choice and we have always found opportunities to skill new home health aides. A partnership with CareAcademy allows us to expand our reach and attract a new generation of home health aides into a career in direct work.”

Over the coming weeks, CareAcademy will announce additional partnerships within its Future of Work program that will help reskill and further upskill direct care workers into health care jobs. To learn more about how CareAcademy is enabling home health aide jobs, click here.