ATLANTA (March 3, 2020)—At Medtrade Spring 2020 in Las Vegas, Brightree announced key enhancements to its patient intake management software that will streamline and shorten the time-intensive intake process for home medical equipment (HME) providers.

Comprehensive Patient Intake, available within Brightree’s business management software, has been redesigned to address top HME pain points, including challenges related to incomplete documentation, prequalifying products, training new employees, disseminating contextual insurance knowledge and addressing inefficient workflows. While at Medtrade Spring, Brightree will also be involved in several events, including participating in a panel discussion and hosting a training workshop and networking reception for its HME customers.

“We are excited to share the new Comprehensive Patient Intake feature today, which was developed in response to many conversations with HME providers over the years, and which we are confident will both expedite and strengthen the intake process, while allowing providers to spend more time delivering quality patient care,” said Rob Boeye, Brightree’s executive vice president of HME. “We look forward to Medtrade twice each year; in addition to introducing our new patient intake management features, we are thrilled to offer three different events for our customers to further hone their capabilities, experience new aspects of our technology and connect with one another.”

The updates included in Brightree’s Comprehensive Patient Intake include a consolidated intake form with sales order creation capabilities all available on a single page, including patient demographics, diagnostic information and qualification questions, along with contextual information explaining each requirement and recommended actions. The screens can be customized by the HME provider, so each employee only accesses the areas of the form for which they are responsible; this role-based intake format simplifies the training process for new employees, as each will only need to learn the aspects of the process specific to their role.

HMEs will also be able to more clearly indicate required and recommended fields for employees, including creating intake validation that disables users from moving forward without inputting the necessary information. This will help prevent denials related to missing information when the process reaches the insurance and reimbursement stages.

In addition, for oxygen and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) products, providers will automatically be provided with qualification questions based on Medicare Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs), as well as additional insurance-specific questions during the sales order creation process for new patients, allowing providers to prequalify products and save time when it comes to reimbursement.

“We’ve been using Brightree’s Comprehensive Patient Intake since November 2019, during which we have created over 4,000 intakes and seen significant improvements in the time required to enter a new patient,” said Bryce Rodda, vice president of revenue cycle management and financial processes at Performance Home Medical. “The role-based form format and new ability to specify required and recommended fields has already made the process far clearer and more efficient for my team members involved in intake, while ensuring that no one is cutting corners that will impact our patients or our business revenue down the line.”

The new solution also offers customizable remarks, where users are able to add brief notes to different fields and questions to provide clarity and disseminate organizational knowledge to others using the platform within their business.

“We really value the ‘tribal knowledge’ our employees have to offer one another based on experience in the business,” said Rodda. “We’ve been pleased with the customizable remarks feature, which ensures that, while streamlining the process of getting a patient into the system and a sales order in motion, the platform is still providing a way for us to share our knowledge with one another to serve patients at the highest level and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. At the same time, the thoughtful design of the new systems makes it easier than before to onboard new employees or successfully redeploy existing employees.”

The updated Comprehensive Patient Intake feature is available today within customers’ Brightree Business Management Software and is available at no extra charge.

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