The live call center capabilities enable HME providers to connect patients directly when managing resupply orders.

ATLANTA (July 5, 2017)—Brightree LLC, a provider of cloud-based software to improve business and clinical performance of post-acute care organizations, announced today that it has acquired AllCall Connect, a provider of a live-calling solution for CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) patient resupply.

The acquisition will allow Brightree to enhance its Brightree Connect offering, a widely-used resupply patient contact management solution in the HME industry. By combining the technology, analytics and real-time patient information in Brightree Connect with the expertise and best practices of AllCall’s live-calling program, HME providers will have access to a resupply solution that is second-to-none in maximizing both patient care and business efficiency.

“Data has shown us that interactive voice response systems are effective at managing patient outbound calls. Live outbound calling, combined with Brightree Connect’s IntelligentQ technology, is far more impactful in optimizing an HME’s CPAP resupply program and providing a better patient experience,” said Matt Mellott, president and CEO of Brightree.

Regular CPAP mask and supply replacement is key to ensuring the comfort, proper fit and maximum effectiveness that leads to long-term therapy adherence. Research has shown that more than 50 percent of patients that are frequent resuppliers sleep more than seven hours a night, and more than 80 percent use their therapy seven nights a week.

“We continue to look for new ways to help our HME customers best serve their patients while growing their businesses,” said Raj Sodhi, president of Healthcare Informatics at ResMed, Brightree’s parent company. “With the addition of the AllCall Connect service, we now have the ability to directly offer Brightree Connect customers a turnkey live-call center service with trained experts and proven processes.”

Establishing live-call resupply capability in-house is complicated and expensive for HME providers. Inherent challenges include hiring and training of call center staff, purchasing and operating specialized phone systems, and developing data analytics capabilities. The skillset required is outside the core competencies of most providers and justifies the value of partnering with an established and proven solutions provider that can scale with the needs of the HME.

“Our HME customers are looking for the most cost-effective way to provide CPAP supplies to their patients,” said James Dragatsis, founder and president of AllCall Connect. “Joining the Brightree family gives us the opportunity to apply our live-calling expertise to a scalable solution, thus allowing more patients and providers to benefit from efficient, effective resupply programs.”

The transaction’s financial terms were not disclosed.

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