MIDDLETOWN, N.J. and OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (April 9, 2018)—BBMK Technologies, the inventor of cloud-based solution, NikoHealth, announces that it has entered into an agreement with Allegiance Group, a firm specializing in strategies to improve private pay collections in the homecare and durable medical equipment markets, as an integrated solution provider (ISP). Through this business relationship, NikoHealth will offer the users of its homecare software solutions access to COLLECTPlus, a billing service product offering offered by Allegiance Group. COLLECTPlus will provide NikoHealth customers access to proprietary private pay billing collections solutions, which enable its users to achieve better financial results.  

“This relationship will complement the services offered by NikoHealth in the HME/DME market,” said Michael Kutsak, NikoHealth’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are really excited about the new integration of these products which will provide our customers additional tools to further improve their financial position,” added Kutsak.

“By integrating COLLECTPlus and NikoHealth’s innovative patient management solutions, both companies agree the collaboration will increase productivity and allow our providers to capture more of their private pay dollars more efficiently and cost effectively,” said Bruce Gehring, SVP, Business Development Manager for Allegiance Group.

Visit nikohealth.com for more information.