DALLAS and TORONTO (September 24, 2019)—Axxess, a home health care technology company, is partnering with Swift Medical, a provider of wound care technology, to provide thousands of home health agencies access to advanced wound care management.

“Swift Medical’s wound management capabilities complement what Axxess provides within our solution and enables us to deliver even more value to our clients,“ said John Olajide, founder and CEO of Axxess. “This new partnership provides transformative technology solutions to our clients, and gives them another critical tool to help them thrive under PDGM.”

“Wound management is a critical part of homecare, and we’re pleased to partner with Axxess to extend our accurate measurement and tracking technology to more patients, improve outcomes for those patients, and significantly improve clinical management in home care,” said Carlo Perez, CEO of Swift Medical. “More than a third of all homecare patients suffer from chronic wounds. Swift Skin and Wound is a digital wound care solution, helping to heal more than 10,000 wounds a month in more than 1,000 health care facilities throughout the United States.”

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM), a new payment model to reimburse home health agencies for patient care, takes effect for home health agencies on Jan. 1, 2020.

“PDGM brings a new opportunity for home health agencies to be compensated for providing high-quality wound care,” said Phil Wigmore, vice president of Swift Medical.

“Axxess is a like-minded organization with a history of providing high-quality software and services that improve patient health, decrease the cost of care and enhance the patient experience, and we’re looking forward to working with their clients to improve patient care,” said Wigmore.

Swift Skin and Wound provides value to home health agencies through accurate and validated wound measurements and increased compliance with streamlined wound care workflows that enable home health providers to grow their wound care capacity.

Visit axxess.com and swiftmedical.com for more information.