DALLAS, Texas (March 9, 2021)—Axxess, a technology provider for health care at home, is pleased to announce the launch of its certification program, which is designed to create a standard of home health, homecare and hospice industry knowledge and competency.

The Axxess Certification Program is the first of its kind as it leverages industry expertise alongside Axxess solution training to provide continuing education and development for leadership and staff of all levels. Through a robust online curriculum using a series of training modules that typically provide information in 20 minutes or less, participants are trained and tested on their understanding of the caregiving process and Axxess solutions and may earn certification from foundational to expert levels across clinical, operational and financial tracks.

“All Axxess employees have begun the certification program,” said Axxess Founder and CEO John Olajide. “By the end of this year, they will all be certified. This program embraces the Axxess Way, where we aim to establish a standard of excellence and innovation, as well as an understanding of our clients’ business needs so that we may exceed expectations.”

The Axxess Certification Program will become available to company clients and the industry later this year to help them ensure optimal care outcomes, maintain compliance and grow their business.

“All participants in the Axxess Certification Program will be positively impacted as they stay ahead of industry changes and deliver care with confidence,” said Tammy Ross, Senior Vice President of Professional Services at Axxess. “Through this industry-leading training and certification program, organizations will be empowered to elevate the quality of care delivered in the home.”

Visit axxess.com for more information.