THE COLONY, Texas (May 3, 2022)—Anelto, a provider of remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions, announced it has entered into an agreement with GoodRx, a consumer-focused digital health care platform, to bring a series of health and lifestyle videos to patients directly within Anelto’s RemoteCareLive! RPM system. The videos are designed to help medical professionals and executives using telehealth solutions better educate their Medicare clients on the specific chronic conditions they live with. 
In 2022, it’s projected that 45.1 million patients in the U.S. will use RPM tools. Unlike other RPM solutions, RemoteCareLive! is a purpose-built health care solution designed specifically for seniors that collects vital signs, allows patients to conduct telehealth visits with a physician and delivers healthy lifestyle tips. Its easy-to-use form factor makes it simple for patients to set up and easily take their own vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oximetry, temperature and other statistics. Health care professionals monitor this data in real-time and over time to spot trends that need both immediate action or further monitoring. Patients can also connect with a health care professional at a 24/7 care center via voice or video with the touch of a button. Now, educational videos from GoodRx are also available at the touch of a button so patients can better understand complicated health topics.
“Senior patients are constantly seeking information that can help them better understand their condition and the care being provided,” said Dr. Peter Kim, Anelto’s chief medical officer. “By partnering with GoodRx to deliver a series of short-form, easy-to-consume videos from within the RemoteCareLive! system, we are bridging a current gap to ensure seniors become more educated about the actions they can take to improve their overall health.”
More than 30 GoodRx videos are preloaded on Anelto’s RemoteCareLive! system, allowing seniors to easily access the informative, easy-to-understand videos directly from the console. The videos cover a broad range of health topics, such as disease conditions, nutrition, wellness and lifestyle. All videos are created by the GoodRx Health team, which is made up of doctors, pharmacists, journalists and health care experts, with guidance by medical specialists and experts from America’s leading hospitals. All videos go through regular editorial review.
“We are always looking for new ways to arm patients with information that will allow them to take better control of their health,” said Aaron Crittenden, head of manufacturing solutions at GoodRx. “This new integration puts GoodRx videos within reach for remote monitoring patients so they can quickly find and understand the information they need.”
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