Goals for the session included improving the audit and review process.

FARGO, N.D. (July 20, 2017)—Last week, AAHomecare hosted an educational session for DME MAC and PDAC personnel in Fargo, North Dakota, on manual, power and CRT wheelchairs and accessories. Kim Brummett, AAHomecare’s vice president of regulatory affairs, and representatives from member companies who manufacture mobility products were on hand to demonstrate equipment and accessories to approximately 35 individuals involved in audits, coding and claims analysis.

ATPs and other manufacturer reps manned individual stations for manual (Invacare), standard power (Hoveround), CRT (Pride Mobility), and accessories (Permobil), that participants rotated through for a hands-on experience designed to show how patients use various types of equipment and how these products differ from one another in both significant and subtle ways. This close-up and expert-led demo will help attendees resolve questions and ambiguities that arise in their work in claims and coding for mobility products.

“This session was a great example of how the HME sector and Medicare contractors can work together to improve audit and review processes,” said Brummett. “I really appreciate Noridian for allowing us this opportunity, and I want to thank the attendees for their high level of engagement throughout the day. I also want to thank our member company representatives for bringing both their expertise and equipment to the event.”

Brummett also noted the positive impact on the session stemming from the participation of the three Medical Directors in attendance, as well as Claudia Amortegui, president of Orion Consulting Group.

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