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We love to bring you personal stories about people whose lives are being changed by home medical equipment and accessibility—big topics close to our hearts at HomeCare. The story of 6-year-old Josie Smith, who lives in our state of Alabama, hit particularly (and literally!) close to home, and we’re so thrilled to share her story of tenacity and creativity with you—in her own words. You can bet that if you’re on my Christmas card list, you will be receiving one of Josie’s hand-painted creations in the mail! For more information and to order from Josie, visit – Stephanie Gibson Lepore


Hi! I’m Josie Smith. I am 6 years old and a native of Athens, Alabama. I have cerebral palsy. Although I am not able to sit or stand up by myself, and my hands don’t always do what I’d like them to, I CAN paint. My mom and dad think it’s important for me to do what I can to work and earn my own money, so I am doing just that! I am painting Christmas cards to earn money to help my family make our house wheelchair-friendly for me. It’s my first real job, and I’m doing all the painting by myself! If you’d like to see my cards and order some for your friends and family, you can find them on my Facebook page, Josie Smith Art. Thank you!