CHICAGO — Pride Mobility-Quantum Rehab spokesman Bryan
Anderson's new book No Turning Back (Penguin Group) is now
available for presale at, and As a U. S. Army sergeant in Iraq, Anderson was the
war's fourth triple amputee from a roadside explosive.

After losing both legs and his left hand, he went through 13
months of rehabilitation at Walter Reed Army Hospital. But
according to Anderson, his book is not about war or rehab. "Those
are in there, too," he said in an email, "but it's really about my
experiences and things I've learned. There's also funny stories in
there, too."

On Oct. 23, 2005, the moment he looked down and realized he no
longer had legs, Anderson cracked a joke, the book's description
says. "It was a tragedy that could break many, but Bryan
transformed it into something positive, something that propelled
him forward … In this inspiring memoir, Bryan shares his
infectious love for life that touches anyone who's faced hardship.
Anyone, in any circumstance, can overcome the toughest challenges,
by not just surviving, but thriving. No Turning Back is a
testament to pure hard work, perseverance, and hope for a better
life — no matter what shape it takes."

The book is scheduled for full release in November. For a
preview, see Anderson's website at