3 Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line
Use these lessons learned from 2016 to better your business
Authorization and Eligibility
Recently I received a call from an insurance specialist at the imaging center where I will be having an MRI soon. The purpose of the call was not to remind me about my appointment, but to inform me...
Follow these three simple steps to improve
HME businesses embrace diversification in today's uncertain market
Motivated managers breed motivated staff.
Electronic document exchange (EDE), including the electronic certificate of medical necessity, or e-CMN, has been inching through the HME pipeline for several years.
One of my favorite television commercials shows a professional woman at a business meeting. When the camera pans down, you see that she is sitting at her kitchen table in fuzzy slippers, looking at a computer screen.
What’s the One Product that can help you control your future? Your computer.
E-commerce, encompassing everything from electronic ordering to just-in-time inventory management, has improved supply-chain logistics in various industries--but not HME, at least not on a wide scale.
While it’s clear that information technology can improve the operations of any HME, the challenge is figuring out how to begin and where to spend your money.
During an election season and this is a big one candidates and the press all have their ears to the ground, listening for the footsteps of the Big Issues.
Diabetic shoes and inserts definitely do not the Cinderella story. Providers have always been responsible in supplying the shoes and inserts that are
Baltimore After announcing its intentions earlier this year, beginning July 6 CMS slowed processing of non-HIPAA-compliant claims paying them no earlier
Sacramento, Calif. The California Association of Medical Product Suppliers (CAMPS) has filed for legal injunction to stop Medicaid reimbursement cuts
A key to climbing the second rung on our ROPE Ladder is to formalize your company's training activities. If your training tools include well-run teaching
A California Federal District Court has ruled that a supplier need only use a certificate of medical necessity (CMN) to provide information for the determination
Manufacturers of lifts, ramps and transfer devices spend a lot of time brooding over how their products coordinate with the other equipment used by home-based