by Mike Sperduti and Holly Miller

In order to prevent regulation increases from compromising your business, leveraging market data and referral data can help managers develop data-driven sales strategies. But what should you look for in sales software? The following capabilities can increase profitability.

1. Pre-appointment planning optimization.

Pre-appointment planning and profile development are essential to success when it comes to setting appointments with potential referral sources. Conducting these tasks manually for each referral source can be time consuming. Cutting corners can result in lost productivity or reaching out to potential referral sources that don’t have patients to send you. Adopting an industry-specific sales solution enables you to increase productivity and effectiveness during the planning process by highlighting potential referral sources that are appropriate for your business. In a matter of seconds, you’re able to utilize market data, as well as your own referral data, to build a targeted list of potential referral sources to contact. Simply add them to your book of business.

2. Profile development.

Once you’ve built out your book of business with potential referral sources, you can add additional notes to further enhance their individual profiles, such as: areas of need, what they’re currently prioritizing, and goals to help you when it comes to developing effective messaging. Access to your referral data will assist you with developing profiles that offer accurate visibility of the historical referral relationship. Referral relationships are especially important when it comes to prioritizing your accounts. You want to give high-value referral sources priority while continuing to nurture lower volume referrers that have the potential to grow.

3. Centralized information.

An HME-specific sales solution increases sales rep efficiency and productivity by reducing planning and administrative time and increasing the time spent in front of referral sources. Reps can manage relationships and organize activities in the field, track activity notes in real time, review centralized account information and access up-to-date information on the status of orders and patients, all from a native iOS or Android mobile app.

4. Relevant messaging.

When you only get 2 to 5 minutes in front of a referral source, you must get to the point quickly. Visibility into market data and referral data allows you to develop messaging that is truly relevant to your referral source’s needs. Delivering the right message at the appropriate time will help to close more sales. The relevancy of your message will set you apart from other HME providers that are employing generic messaging.

5. Evaluation.

Tracking your sales efforts will allow you to continue to hone your strategies to ensure that you meet your targets for growth. An HME-specific sales solution makes it easier than ever before to generate reports and understand which strategies are working and which ones are not. You’re also able to identify coaching opportunities, referral patterns, and more to help keep you on track and accountable.

Bottom Line

Investing in areas that will improve your efficiency and productivity puts you at a distinct competitive advantage compared to HME providers who have not made this commitment. The combination of proven sales strategies and an HME sales solution will empower your organization to develop and execute an effective for growth, both now and in the future.

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