BALL GROUND, Ga. (January 14, 2019)—More than 200 employees and guests celebrated CAIRE Inc.’s recent acquisition by NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD., at the global headquarters in Ball Ground, Georgia. NGK SPARK PLUG, a comprehensive ceramics processing manufacturer, acquired CAIRE on Dec. 20, 2018, from Chart Industries, Inc.

Day 1 Celebration guests included leaders from NGK SPARK PLUG, and representatives of U.S., state, county and city government, business and economic development, and education.

“We are very proud of our heritage and the work we do in support of our customers and patients around the globe. NGK SPARK PLUG has a long‐term commitment to be a leader in the health care market, and CAIRE is a really important step in that journey for the company,” said Earl Lawson, president of CAIRE Inc.

Lawson presented a glass dogwood sculpture to Yoshiyuki Takayanagi, corporate officer with NGK SPARK PLUG, to be placed in the company headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. In honor of their new parent company, CAIRE also planted a dwarf ornamental Japanese maple tree at their monument sign in Ball Ground.

Mr. Takayangi brought greetings from NGK SPARK PLUG CEO Shinichi Odo and presented Lawson with a ceramic owl statue commemorating the Day 1 Celebration.

“NGK SPARK PLUG has over 80 years history as a company and we are a global leader as an automotive spark plug company. This acquisition fits nicely into our long‐term plans that seek to leverage our core ceramics and sensor technologies to serve the medical care space. CAIRE has good employees, distribution and production, and is already making a difference in health care—manufacturing products that patients and industry can depend upon. These attributes when combined together can help us become the No. 1 company in the world,” said Takayanagi.

Special guests included Harry Johnston, chairman of the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners, who was on hand to deliver an official proclamation: CAIRE Inc. Day in Cherokee County and bring greetings on behalf of the county.

“We are so proud to have CAIRE industries here, the good jobs and economic benefits that you have provided and are continuing to provide. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with each other. Welcome NGK SPARK PLUG. What an honor to have a company with the great heritage that you bring. All of us who have ever ridden motorcycles know the brand name and are proud to have you involved. We’re glad you see Cherokee County as a good place to do business,” said Johnston.

In addition to the manufacturing headquarters in Ball Ground, CAIRE’s global locations, which employ another 250 employees held Day 1 Celebrations in their respective locations in Anjo, Japan; Buffalo, New York; Padova, Italy; and Wuppertal, Germany. Celebrations will be held this week in Chengdu, China and Wokingham, United Kingdom.

CAIRE’s award‐winning oxygen therapy portfolio includes liquid oxygen systems and portable and stationary oxygen concentrators, some of which are equipped with telehealth solutions and sensitive breath detection features designed to serve those individuals suffering from serious respiratory health conditions. The manufacturer is credited with pioneering the first portable oxygen concentrator to gain FAA approval for commercial air flights. CAIRE products, marketed under the AirSep, SeQual and HELiOS brands, support the needs of homecare, hospice, long‐term care and the U.S. military, particularly those serving in combat zones.

CAIRE’s industrial brand, AirSep, supports the oxygen and nitrogen gas supply needs with turnkey onsite generation solutions for top‐tier hospitals and commercial applications, including wastewater treatment and aquaculture.

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