The accreditation designates it as one of the few outsourced clinical service programs in the post-acute homecare industry

WATERLOO, Iowa—VGM Sleep Services has earned accreditation from the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation (HQAA), which now designates it as one of only a few outsourced clinical service programs in the post-acute homecare industry.

“I could not be prouder of our team here at VGM Sleep Services,” said Boone Lockard, VP of clinical services, VGM & Associates. “This milestone signifies the commitment we are making to create the most intuitive and robust PAP setup/compliance program that the market has to offer. This is one of many significant moves yet to come.”

Launched in December 2022, VGM Sleep Services strives to enhance compliance and boost resupply revenue by offering virtual set-ups by a licensed clinician and one-on-one coaching and compliance services from patient care coordinators and sleep coaches.

“Becoming accredited with HQAA signifies a commitment to excellence and trustworthiness in the field of sleep health,” said John Carter, VP of sleep and respiratory compliance services. “It is a mark of quality that assures our DME partners and their patients of the highest standards of care, safety, and professional integrity.”

According to HQAA’s website, an organization is assigned an accreditation coach who reviews their uploaded documentation and provides feedback upon applying for HQAA accreditation. The process typically takes three to six months, depending on the company’s commitment level and the range of products and services offered. After completing the documentation and guidance, the organization fills out a pre-survey form, followed by a telephone interview and an on-site visit.

“VGM & Associates strives to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and innovation in the post-acute homecare space, and this achievement perfectly reflects that goal,” said Lindy Tentinger, president, VGM & Associates. “We believe this accreditation will help us move the needle forward in outsourcing services throughout the industry while providing excellent care to the patients we serve. Congratulations to VGM Sleep Services for this amazing accomplishment in advancing respiratory and clinical services for our VGM members.”