Krista McNurlen will now serve as SVP of business operations, Mandi Rodgers has been promoted to VP of marketing

WATERLOO, Iowa— VGM & Associates announced key leadership updates. Krista McNurlen will now serve as senior vice president of business operations, and Mandi Rodgers has been promoted to vice president of marketing.

McNurlen previously held the role of SVP of Marketing since April of 2021. The purpose of her new role is to have a senior leader who ensures the collective focus of the team is on achieving VGM & Associates’ strategic objectives for the future. McNurlen will work to develop KPIs and scoreboards, milestones, communication and more. Her experience as a senior leader at VGM (and other companies), in addition to her already-established relationship with the VGM & Associates leadership team, makes her the ideal person for this role.

McNurlen joined VGM in 2017 and held the position of director of marketing, key accounts and services for VGM & Associates. Before joining VGM, McNurlen worked at a full-service advertising agency where she assisted in brand development and product launches for the manufacturing and medical device industries. Krista has also held positions in public relations, communications and higher education.

“We are extremely excited for Krista’s new role of SVP, business operations,” said Lindy Tentinger, president of VGM & Associates. “Krista continues to demonstrate a strong passion for strategic planning and execution of key business objectives, and her ability to work collaboratively across the entire VGM building will undoubtedly serve VGM for the greater good. We look forward to having Krista lead VGM & Associates into a new era.”

With McNurlen’s transition, VGM & Associates also announced Rodgers has been promoted to VP of marketing.

Rodgers has been with VGM since 2017 and with VGM & Associates specifically in the marketing function since 2019. She has more than 20 years of marketing experience and has relationships across VGM and throughout the industry. In her new role, she will lead and guide the marketing team in creative standards, marketing and communications to disrupt traditional paradigms, simplify the VGM story, develop materials for the member success team, build on the strength and influence of the VGM's brand and more. Before joining VGM, Rodgers worked in public relations, broadcast, events, communications and marketing for health care, sustainability, consumer products and AV/IT.

"We are extremely excited for Mandi to step into this new role,” said Dave Lyman, SVP of sales. “Her extensive background and ability to forge meaningful connections align seamlessly with our commitment to delivering effective business solutions to our VGM members. Mandi’s new role will undoubtedly contribute to the continued growth and success of VGM & Associates."

VGM & Associates said it looks forward to the positive impact Rodgers and McNurlen will bring to the organization and anticipates great success in its new chapter.