BALTIMORE and PLEASANTON, Cali. (May 22, 2019)—Insightin Health has announced a new solution expected to help lower the cost of health care for health plans, providers and consumers by creating a healthier Medicare Advantage population. Using the AI-driven inGAGETM platform created by Insightin Health and enabled in part by rewards partner Blackhawk Network, health plans can more actively engage members by using rewards to encourage proactive behaviors that may improve their overall health, reduce symptoms of chronic diseases and boost health plan satisfaction.

“Research found that 60% of Medicare Advantage members surveyed say their health plan doesn’t encourage actions to improve health and only 25% say their plan provides personalized incentives. Insightin Health is aiming to solve both of those pain points,” said Bill Warshauer, vice president of sales at Blackhawk. “Insightin Health is closing the gap in educating members about opportunities to improve their health and program benefits available to them—and Blackhawk is supporting these efforts by fulfilling designated rewards for participation with personalized incentives that are delivered seamlessly. This comprehensive approach is unparalleled in our industry.”

Insightin Health, a provider of data-driven decision-making technology for health care member acquisition, retention, and engagement, is using its artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platforms, inSIGHTTM, inQUEUETM, and inGAGETM, to leverage data, including social determinants, which helps identify the best possible ways to communicate with Medicare Advantage members on a one-to-one level. By understanding how to best motivate and reach each individual, Insightin Health helps health plans across the country identify potential gaps in care and which proactive health screenings members would be willing to complete as part of a long-term health improvement plan. The data helps health plans set measurable goals for each member and develop structured promotions offering rewards to encourage goal completion.

Blackhawk, a branded payments provider, complements these data insights and helps facilitate the integration of tailored rewards chosen by health plans into promotions to drive participation. These comprehensive rewards enable health plans to encourage members to complete preventative care activities such as health risk assessments, mammograms, colorectal screenings, A1C screenings and more. Once an action is completed and the supervising health plan officials have confirmed a reward has been earned, Blackhawk delivers the reward selected by the plan from options of open- or closed-loop content so the health plans can reinforce the member’s actions—oftentimes at the plan’s discretion. Incentives can be customized to each individual based on their personal communication preferences; for instance, digital cards can be emailed to members that do not want a physical card mailed to them.

“Using data analytics to extrapolate behavioral trends for specific individuals is invaluable and rare. Drilling down an individual’s likelihood of completing a screening helps health plans identify when it makes sense to provide an extra incentive to drive healthier choices. It can also help catch chronic diseases sooner and preventatively manage diseases before they take hold,” said Jereme Ayers, vice president of Health Plan Solutions at Insightin Health. “Accompanying these valuable data insights with personalized education materials and incentives is a one-two punch. We can help facilitate higher, long-term program engagement, a healthier population and cut health care costs for plans, providers and members alike.”

Insightin Health works with Medicare, Medicaid and commercial groups within various health plans to increase member engagement and positively impact CMS STAR and HEDIS ratings (quality performance metrics). Blackhawk Network contributes to these endeavors by tailoring the right rewards to drive specific behaviors.

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