BRADENTON, Fla, (June 5, 2020)—Tyton Design & Development, originally a wheelchair accessory manufacturer, announced that they are focusing on providing facemasks throughout the United States. Due to recent events, the average person is at a loss to find proper protection during the pandemic. Tyton decided to do its part for the community, and now the nation. Already providing thousands of masks across Florida, Tyton decided to open its doors to individuals across all fifty states. Giving an opportunity for both consumers and business owners alike, to be part of the initiative to protect each other. 
Over the past few months, Tyton has developed an array of products to support the community in the fight against COVID-19. Tyton is opening its dealer networks to DME brick and mortar companies in efforts for greater distribution to communities, and to help increase walk-in traffic and cash flow. The company will be offering special discount programs for DME dealers at wholesale cost, allowing small and large businesses an opportunity to elevate their sales.

Tyton brought in the help of clinicians during the design process to make an affordable and functional product:

  • All products listed are in alignment with CDC guidelines for public use.
  • Both PPE gowns and face masks are washable and reusable, making disposable personal protective equipment a thing of the past.

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