PITTSBURGH, Penn. (September 29, 2020)—sovaSage Incorporated, a Pittsburgh based company, announced the release of its new TherapistAssist software. This revolutionary product will change the way homecare providers manage their sleep apnea patients.

The patent-pending software product assists respiratory therapists in managing CPAP, BiPAP and Auto-PAP therapies by leveraging artificial intelligence, novel computer vision, and more than three years of research, development and field tests. The zero touch COVID-19 compliant product delivers significant clinical and financial benefits to the patient, the provider, and the payer, including the ability to:

  • Triple the number of patients that respiratory therapists can see in a day
  • Drastically reduce the number of mask exchanges due to improperly selected or sized CPAP masks
  • Significantly increase patient satisfaction and compliance

“The process used to manage OSA patients has largely remained the same for 30 years,” said William Kaigler, co-founder and CEO of sovaSage. “With the advent of our patent-pending AI and computer vision techniques, we are convinced that the future for the OSA homecare business is very bright. We are not here to make incremental changes, but to revolutionize the way these patients are cared for and to help the providers of care manage their patients more efficiently and effectively.”

sovaSage’s first product release allows therapists to select and fit PAP masks remotely, without meeting with patients in person. Because sovaSage is not a manufacturer of masks, the software impartially selects the best available mask for each individual, regardless of manufacturer or brand. The results are significant productivity and quality of care improvements, leading to long-term clinical outcomes on a profitable basis.

“I have to say, I am very impressed at the accuracy of the sizes,” said Courtney, a clinician that piloted the product earlier this year. “All of the mask suggestions have been right on for size. The patients are reporting that the text and survey are very quick and easy.”

Visit sovasage.com for more information.