People will get their first glimpse of the new customizable orthotic insole & will be able to pledge towards its campaign

SAN DIEGO, California—The creators behind Soul Insole announced they have brought their full-length, customizable orthotic insole insert to Kickstarter.

Soul Insole first launched in 2016 with a successful Kickstarter campaign for a patented micro-size orthotic called the Shoe Bubble, a biomechanically designed orthotic that redistributes pressure evenly across the foot to support the heel and forefoot. Founder and CEO Laina Gossman was the owner of San Diego-based shoe boutique FootCare Systems, which specializes in custom orthotics and fashionable comfort shoes. Her customers frequently asked about custom orthotics, and she used her background in kinesiology, biomechanics and orthotic design to create real solutions for the custom orthotic demand. Gossman has gone from hand carving her orthotics to offering a fully customizable orthotic line that can be browsed online anytime, anywhere.

This award-winning women-owned small business has since released several orthotic products including metatarsal pads, gel ramps for stackable support, heel wedges, toe spacers, gel heel cushion lifts and double-sided orthotic tape. Soul Insole’s selection of affordable foot health solutions are designed to support the whole body, helping people get back on their feet and back to doing the things they love. Soul lnsole products fit conveniently in an array of footwear styles, including dress shoes and athletic shoes.

“At Soul Insole, we are committed to helping people heal from lower extremity ailments, and our dream is to continue innovating this field," said Gossman. "We’ve helped provide joy and comfort to more than 1 million feet to date, and with our newest invention on the horizon, we are ready to help even more people to get back on their feet, doing the things they love doing."

Soul Insole is a fair trade, vegan, cruelty-free, conscious company that makes all its packaging from recycled material and gives back to charitable contributions. At Soul Insole, the mission is truly to help as many people as possible.

On Tuesday, May 7, Soul Insole launched a brand-new product. The Soul Insole BASE will be a full-length, customizable soft orthotic insole designed to relieve heel pain, forefoot pain and pain from plantar fascitis with built-in support and thick cushioning for sensitive feet.

“The Soul Insole BASE will give wearers instant relief and comfort while providing all-day comfort,” said Gossman. Learn more now by visiting the Kickstarter campaign for Soul Insole BASE and by going to