FRISCO, Texas (April 21, 2022)—Soleo Health, a national provider of complex specialty pharmacy services, announced it has earned Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation from URAC. URAC is an independent leader in promoting health care quality by setting high standards for clinical practice, consumer protections, performance measurement, operations infrastructure and risk management. By achieving this status, Soleo Health continues to demonstrate its commitment to quality care, enhanced processes, patient safety and improved outcomes.

Soleo Health earned reaccreditation with a score of 100% for its pharmacy locations in Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Columbus, Ohio, in the latest URAC survey, which occurs every three years.

With the earning of this URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation, these Soleo Health pharmacies continue to demonstrate the highest value and quality in delivering enhanced clinical services to its many patients along with the providers, payers and manufacturers with whom it works. Soleo Health received reaccreditation for these locations after exhibiting its commitment to delivering quality, patient-centric care through exceptional therapy management programs. It was also recognized for its dedication to patient satisfaction and ability to ensure positive clinical outcomes.

URAC awards accreditations to specialty pharmacies that meet or exceed more than 20 groups of standards, including, among others, pharmacy operations, patient management and compliance. To receive URAC’s accreditation, Soleo Health displayed its full-service pharmacy capabilities in serving patients with complex conditions who require medications that are oral, injected or infused and typically require special handling and other specialty expertise.

“Pharmacies and related pharmaceutical services play a critical role in the health care delivery system now more than ever. Given the complicated nature of chronic disease, pharmacies like Soleo Health do much more than simply fill a prescription. As trusted experts at the frontline of care delivery, they often provide targeted patient support and education to ensure proper medication management. By achieving URAC accreditation, Soleo Health demonstrates excellence in quality care delivery and their long-term commitment to ensuring patient safety and improving outcomes,” said URAC President and Chief Executive Officer Shawn Griffin, M.D.

“The latest URAC reaccreditation further validates Soleo Health’s unrelenting commitment to clinical excellence and the persistent delivery of the highest levels of quality patient care. URAC offers an important barometer for evaluating the success of our pharmacy services and focus on therapies used in the treatment of complex conditions. We thank URAC for recognizing our commitment and also acknowledge the hard work our teams put forth every day to benefit and improve the lives of our patients and their caregivers. I am proud of our team and the compassion and care they continue to exhibit,” stated Soleo Health Chief Executive Officer Drew Walk.

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