LOS ANGELES (June 11, 2020)—ABC Plus Pharmacy and Sleep Coaches are excited to announce its collaboration with Team@Work. This collaboration will not only provide enhanced services to DME providers, but will support patients and the medical referral community.

“As a former HME owner, I know the challenges of needing to find ways to increase revenue, which is why we started Sleep Coaches. Our team at Sleep Coaches is continually helping our HME clients maximize patient revenue by optimizing patient CPAP compliance and resupply programs,” said Mark Boardman, President of Sleep Coaches.

“ABC Plus Pharmacy and Sleep Coaches have come together to combine our expertise in patient compliance, live patient calls and highly trained patient care coordinators to improve patient care and to ensure DME providers and physicians are aware of risk, non-compliance, and the need of any additional equipment and services,” said Marcus Kruk, Director of Sales, Americas Best Care Plus Pharmacy.

Providers are seeking ways to expand revenue generation. When newly diagnosed Medicare Nebulizer and CPAP patients are in the initial stage of care and therapy, they must be educated on equipment use and maintenance, medication compliance, and billing support. Without this education, the opportunity for therapy non-compliance and hospital readmissions can have a negative impact. While providers perform extraordinary care and training for these patients, it is continued support and coaching that drives meaningful impact to both patient care and the bottom line. The support provided by ABC Plus and Sleep Coaches changes patient behavior and improves compliance.

With over three decades of HME experience, Team@Work CEO and Head Coach, Ty Bello, brings his thought leader skill set to partner with Sleep Coaches and ABC Plus Pharmacy as they endeavor to provide revenue generation, compliance, and market share growth opportunities to the DME industry.

“This collaboration could not have come at a more opportune time, as we are experiencing changes in our industry like never before. The rapid trajectory of Telehealth adopted by many of our referral sources, limited access to the referral community, and the lagging strain that many consumers do not know who we are as Medical Providers, is calling DME providers to a new level of service. There are many components that are part of this New Normal, but increased revenue opportunities and a clinical sales approach with the referral community, may be a leading indicator for growth,” said Ty Bello, CEO of Team@Work.

This collaboration goes far beyond the reality of patient care, HME enlightenment and physician notification. It also addresses the understanding of how your day-to-day business flows. Collectively, we understand the importance of business flow and the ability to coach your team to take advantage of value, and then to showcase that value in a strategic and compelling way to patients and referral sources.

“Developing strategic relationships with other businesses that also aim to help maximize revenue potential is important to serving the HME client community,” Boardman added. “Thus, Sleep Coaches and ABC Plus Pharmacy is excited to be partnering with Ty Bello and Team@Work.”

Visit teammatworkcoaching.com for more information.