LOS ALTOS, Calif. (May 24, 2022)—Sensi.AI, an in-home virtual care agent empowering long-term care providers to overcome some of the biggest challenges in the industry, has been endorsed as a preferred vendor by Senior Helpers, leaders in professional, in-home senior assistance services. Through Sensi, Senior Helpers can provide their customers with 24/7 support in a cost efficient and scalable manner, while significantly upping quality of care. This enables older adults to safely age in place, while maintaining their independence and dignity.   

By implementing Sensi, agencies are now able to offer a hybrid, holistic in-home care solution, combining on-premises (ongoingly vetted) physical care, alongside 24/7 virtual support services. This enables agencies to overcome the massive global shortage in caregivers, by “extending” their current care capabilities far beyond mere physical care hours. Sensi empowers agencies with valuable insights and recommendations to improve quality of care, mitigate risk, enhance clients’ physical and mental well-being, and increase revenue at the same time. For the homecare agency owner, whose hardest task is managing employees from afar, Sensi provides peace of mind and helps eliminate blind spots. 

Sensi is powered by audio-based AI analytics, establishing a baseline for every care environment, and generating notifications for any occurrences that steer from the norm for that care environment. These anomalies can be positive or negative, and are aggregated into trends, to aid agencies in making data-driven decisions to enhance the good and improve areas of care when needed. Sensi’s trend analysis helps agencies obtain a comprehensive understanding of each client’s actual needs to better accommodate them throughout the day and/or night. 

By providing a holistic view as opposed to solely detecting isolated incidents, Agencies can tailor care plans to each client’s individual conditions, optimize care hours and identify risk factors, helping prevent unwanted events from occurring, and guaranteeing higher quality care, and improving overall client wellbeing.

“We are extremely proud to establish Preferred Vendor partnership with Senior Helpers, a leading in-home senior care company with a client-first approach and commitment to quality care for both clients and caregivers,” said Romi Gubes, Sensi co-founder and CEO. “This cooperation empowers the Senior Helpers franchises with the ability to recognize, in advance, potential concerns and problems that can put both the client and the caregiver at risk. Senior Helpers can now obtain a data-based approach to caregiving, helping it reward good work in the home and redirect care to improve the quality of the client’s experience.”

“As the gold standard in homecare, Senior Helpers’ goal is to provide the absolute best client care, while minimizing any type of risk in the home and maximizing quality staff retention,” said Peter Ross, CEO and co-Founder, Senior Helpers. “Sensi has empowered Senior Helpers in amplifying our ability to strategize care planning and best serve our clients while giving our staff the reinforcement and direction necessary for their satisfaction and personal growth. Implementing Sensi enables us to do more without having to invest extra resources. Once we successfully complete Phase 2 of our testing, we intend to roll out Sensi across the country. Sensi gives us the data, insights, and recommendations we need to manage our in-home care operations with data-driven guidance while minimizing risks of re-hospitalizations.”

Visit sensi.ai for more information.