SPARTANBURG, South Carolina—RedSail Technologies announced a partnership with InfiniTrak, a provider of track and trace compliance solutions, to deliver a fully integrated Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) solution to the RedSail network of pharmacies.

InfiniTrak's platform allows pharmacies to achieve full compliance with the DSCSA in a streamlined and user-friendly manner, integrated with its existing pharmacy management system. This comprehensive compliance solution aims for dispensers to be well-equipped to navigate all aspects of the DSCSA law, including the upcoming final phase of interoperability.

"RedSail Technologies is dedicated to equipping our pharmacies with the finest tools to optimize their operations," said Jeff Key, chief commercial officer of RedSail Technologies and president of PioneerRx. "The InfiniTrak solution exceeds expectations in terms of providing the necessary tools for full DSCSA compliance."

The primary objective of the DSCSA is to safeguard the U.S. drug supply chain from counterfeit or hazardous drugs by implementing robust tracking and tracing capabilities across the entire lifecycle of prescription drugs, from manufacturing to pharmacy dispensing.

Sam Pizzo, senior vice president of strategic alliances at InfiniTrak, expressed enthusiasm about providing their advanced compliance technology to the nation's largest independent pharmacy network, thereby introducing a new level of automation to the compliance landscape.

"RedSail has always been a top priority for our integration efforts, as our companies' superior technologies combine to offer a comprehensive solution tailored for the pharmacy market," Pizzo said.

Key emphasized the importance of selecting a solution that minimizes the burden on pharmacies. "Our collaboration with InfiniTrak perfectly aligns with our network's needs, providing a turn-key solution that relieves RedSail customers of the complexities associated with DSCSA compliance and the impending interoperability mandate," he said. 

Pizzo concurred, highlighting InfiniTrak's unwavering commitment to simplifying compliance processes. The partnership with RedSail is viewed as a significant stride toward achieving complete automation, Pizzo said, "by simplifying total compliance for every pharmacy, we enable them to focus more time on their core business and patients."