The integration will allow certain pharmacies to utilize PointClickCare

SPARTANBURG, South Carolina—RedSail Technologies, LLC, developer of Axys by Integra, announced the launch of its integration with PointClickCare Technologies, a leading healthcare technology platform enabling collaboration and access to real‐time insights. The integration will allow long-term care pharmacies with an on-demand dispensing model to exchange patient information with facilities that also utilize PointClickCare.

“At RedSail Technologies, we’re committed to supplying our customers with top-notch solutions that empower them to take care of their patients in a secure and efficient manner,” said Bob Bates, chief operating officer for RedSail Technologies. “The integration with our cloud-based pharmacy management system, Axys, will significantly contribute to enhancing the communication between pharmacies and healthcare facilities. This will allow both teams to collaborate and enhance patient care throughout the entire process.”

According to RedSail, a cloud-based platform is a tool for scaling and optimizing business operations.

"By using a single platform that integrates your care, services and financial operations, you can streamline your business processes and increase efficiency," read a company statement. "With a cloud-based platform like Axys, you can easily scale your business as needed, without the need for expensive and time-consuming infrastructure upgrades."

Additionally, the company said cloud-based platforms help to ensure that data is accessible and secure, making collaboration with different teams and departments easier. 

“The direct interface using NCPDP 2017071 SCRIPT through PowerLine allows PointClickCare to send patient census, new orders, resupply and cancel orders to Axys,” said Rich Muller, vice president of product management for RedSail Technologies. "As prescriptions are filled and checked through workflow, RxFill messages are returned to PointClickCare to populate the eMAR. The interface also allows pharmacies to receive electronically prescribed controlled substance orders (EPCS)."

RedSail is currently scheduling future implementations of Axys. For more information and product demos, contact, or visit