EXETER, Penn. (June 1, 2016)—Pride Mobility Products Corporation announced that it has been granted United States Patent No. 9,351,889 “Elevated Height Wheelchair,” relating to such products as its Quantum iLevel, Jazzy Air, and corresponding power seat elevation technologies.

Specifically, the patent addresses safer performance of a power elevating seating system in conjunction with power base operation.

“The patented technology facilitates safer use of a power elevating seating system,” said Jim Mulhern, vice president of R&D product innovation, and named on the patent. “We sought to ensure that the system’s engagement, which dictates performance, would do so in the safest manner possible by only engaging under appropriate conditions.”

The result is that iLevel and corresponding power seat elevation technologies allow safer operation while optimizing performance.

“With an emphasis on consumer-inspired design, we’re pleased that this now-patented technology is truly enhancing the independence and quality of life of consumers,” added chairman and CEO, Scott Meuser.

For more information on this exclusive technology, visit ilevel.rehab for its complex rehab power chair application, and jazzyair.com for its retail mobility product application.